About This Site

Hi, I’m Tim O’Donohoe,

This website is an electronic resume detailing my experiences throughout my work life. I started working in IT as a teenager doing desktop support for a small local doctors practice. I also was able to attend work experience at the University of Queensland Prentice Computer Centre. While completing tertiary studies, i began working at UQ Information Technology Services in their Modem Clinic doing Teir 2 support and administering their Dial In modem banks. Between 1999 and 2014 i worked my way up from being a casual employee to a full time Senior Network Engineer at UQ. I have also worked as Team Leader for UQ Network Operations Centre.

The rest of this site will detail technologies and projects i have worked on over my career to date. I look forward to hearing from anyone who thinks my services may be an asset for their business helping them grow by making use of my skills and experience.